Flow Launcher

Quick File Search & App Launcher for Windows

Start Flow Launcher anytime, anywhere.

Use your customizable hotkey to trigger the search window immediately.

※ Default hotkey is Alt+Space


Open Apps

Search and launch apps quickly.

Search Files

Use Everything or Windows Search to find files and file contents.

Web Searches

Browse the Internet with your favorite search engine.

Search Bookmarks

Quickly find bookmarks from different browsers.

System Commands

Restart, sleep or shutdown, manage your computer with a couple of keystrokes.

Shell Commands

Easily run batch and PowerShell commands as Administrator or another user.


Do mathematical calculations then copy the result to clipboard for later use.

Windows Settings

Search for Windows & Control Panel settings.

Plugin Store

Browse and install many different types of plugins to add new search capabilities.


Different Themes, Animation & Sound, Or Simply Build Your Own

Community-made Plugins

Write your own plugins in C#, F#, Python, JavaScript or TypeScript.

Spotify Premium- fow5040

Control your Spotify directly from Flow Launcher

Steam Search- Garulf

Search your Steam Game library and launch the game

Obsidian Notes- Garulf

Search through your Obsidian notes

Github-Notification- Garulf

View your GitHub notifications directly from Flow Launcher

Flow Launcher is a free and open-source software

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